Minggu, 02 Desember 2007



Tegap. Engga ada sign cadangan energi berlebih di seputar pinggang. Matanya hidup dan young. The only sign of old age is his eyes, covered with modern touch of glasses. Dan hair line yang agak keatas.

Speak nice english, a bit of british accent. Some of old return to home land comrades. And have nice “art of war” in meeting room, as well..

^ that’s the kind of typical chinese leaders i believe, or so i see in one, leader of the pack, these few days.

Generasi muda mereka, as i’ve studied in younger managers, who came along with him, more down to earth, dan a bit fashionable, altough they dont do brand loyalty or even brand acknowledged for clothing.

Generasi muda chinese komunis, yang sometimes can laugh out their heart over some simple matters, dan enjoy beer or cola., and generasi muda yang inilah yang menertawakan “how oldskool my mobile was...” betapa amazingnya ya kemajuan China ini, or kemajuan globalisasi...

How amazing juga mengetahui bahwa the boss, after spending years of higher education in MBA, got a master, learning from American Co in State, go back to develop and building the same company in his mother land..

But still hawa feudal, dan loyalitas tanpa batas terhadap previous generation, terhadap senior mereka, terhadap negara, Old man Mao, bahkan terhadap perusahaan masih sangat kental terasa.

Dan juga satu hal lagi yang harus dipelajari, mereka tidak kenal lelah dan pantang menyerah jika diserang. Mereka akan regroup dan menyerang balik, saat kita berpesta pora akan kemenangan one tiny winy battle..

Disiplin mampus. 12 hours flight from home to this hot spicy land, ga ada sedikitpun beli gifts, atau oleh2, atau sekedar having own private personal times. All days 24/7 is business. No 1 single pictures in their digicam that shows they in their loose self, all were business, shake hand, old pose behind signage, and stuff.

When it comes to Oleh-oleh, instead of beli patung or cendera mata di lantai atas Sarinah, mereka malah beli coklat, cadbury, huehuehe, to gives to their comrades back home.

Oya, they dont give a damn on brand, they do care bout quality..

After spending two hours on Centro, they buy ... Nuthing, Zero, ...

And the conclusion: Indonesian quality on clothing and packaging still low.

But they are not cheapskate, they willing to spend a mill or two on just one simple plain shirt, if came packed with neat sewing, and seaming, and fitting.

(they bought one Raoul instead of hugo boss, just because of the fitting..)

Anyway. The commie has become the Capitalisist.. just like one of the local hero during The Reformation Era in 98, on his first visit to Hard Rock Cafe.., said..

“ternyata, being capitalist itu enak ya?...”

(well, thats leave much more room of definition to discuss..)

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